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Postive Vibration Fitness


We assist youth in becoming well-rounded through a series of dance concepts, choreography, and character development. Our goal is to use dance to assist youth in being capable of acknowledging their emotions and transmitting them in healthy ways to become advocates for themselves.  

What We Do

We present complex dance moves intentionally to use that as a vehicle for problem-solving. We guide youth to "see it through", commit to the moves, practice the moves, and exemplify perseverance. This process empowers them. We note their strong characteristics and highlight them for teachable moments.    

End Goal

We prepare youth for an end-of-the-season Dance Showcase. Each participant receives a medal and certificate. This is the time when the youth get to show their maturity in dance, character development, and overall growth. They are prepared to articulate how this experience shaped them and how they can carry this teaching with them. This program is very intentional because we know the community needs it.     

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