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Stand in your Power & Utilize your strength

Embrace a new you

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To realign is the action of getting to or converting back to a more centered disposition. It is the expectations of everyday life that create the imbalance. Here at PVF, we guide you to honor yourself and rebuild your confidence through dance fitness. 

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The lack of confidence derails us from our own connection. PVF wants to refute those negative ways of thinking and present you with healthy ways that will remove your stagnation and empower your imagination through dance fitness. 

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Here at PVF, our top priority is to heal the mind, body, and soul. We honor where you are on your journey and our position is to give you purposeful behavioral and expressive practices to heal with dance fitness. 

What We Offer

Our Testimonials

Cidny Roman

"I learned that fitness is something that feeds the mind. I had a stressful year, wasn't due to dance but overall dance made me feel like I'm doing something with my life. I found myself taking accountability for myself. "

Blessing Davis-Stanely 

"I thought I wouldn't make connections with everyone. Dance has created a stress reliever. It helped me with my communication with others and to look at other's point of view. "

Zaliyah Brito

"I built a sisterhood. My stress has been ok because I have the best teacher ever, Sofia Natasha."

Sherry Hosier

"Dancing with Sofia Natasha is the best you can get in the 585. She is for the kids!""

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