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Our mission is to use dance as a catalyst to engage the community in self-awareness practices and increase physical and mental health.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a judgment-free space for all dance levels to use dance fitness as a vehicle for problem-solving. We envision communities referencing our practices and habits of dance to boost their physical and mental health to become well-versed members of society. 

Our motto is to

"Stand in Your Power and utilize your strength!"



What We Do

We use the structure of dance to educate, assist in strengthening confidence, and increase physical fitness. Ultimately, we use dance as therapy to bridge the gap between intention and action. Our business is unique because we intertwine components of fun, discipline, love, and self-advocacy through dance.

"It takes courage to experience the newness of something and then the application of discipline to make it natural."

-Sofia Natasha

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