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Meet Sofia Natasha, MS.Ed

Meet Sofia Natasha, the founder and guiding force behind our vibrant dance community. As a dynamic Dance Instructor, Meditation, and Yoga Instructor, Sofia's passion and energy infuse every aspect of her teaching. Currently completing her Certification as a 200 hours in yoga and mindfulness movement Instructor, as well as a Certified Social Emotional Learning Facilitator, Sofia brings a holistic approach to wellness through movement and mindfulness.


With a background spanning from collegiate marching bands to professional performances alongside Grammy-nominated artists, Sofia is committed to creating spaces that foster growth and transformation. Since the age of 6, she has immersed herself in various dance styles, drawing inspiration from her mother's African Dance Classes and honing her skills in Hip-Hop, Jazz, African, Contemporary, Majorette, and Creative Movements.


Beyond her impressive dance career, Sofia's dedication to holistic wellness shines through her expertise as a Meditation and Yoga Instructor. She integrates her knowledge of social-emotional learning to create inclusive and empowering experiences for her students. Currently pursuing a Ph.D., Sofia is on a mission to optimize her practice and transform communities through dance, mindfulness, and yoga.


Accessible, relatable, and inclusive, Sofia encourages self-advocacy and welcomes practitioners of all levels to join her in exploring the transformative power of movement and mindfulness. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being with Sofia Natasha, the founder of our dynamic dance and wellness community.

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